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MOC mourns the passing of crystalline glaze master Sun Chao

  • Date:2024-03-11
Crystalline glaze master Sun Chao

Crystalline glaze master Sun Chao (孫超) passed away on Feb. 19 at the age of 96. Culture Minister Shih Che expressed his heartfelt condolences upon hearing this news, commending Sun Chao’s unparalleled contribution to Taiwan’s contemporary ceramics. Sun Chao was known for his constant innovation and selfless devotion to the ceramics community.


Sun Chao received his education at the National Taiwan Academy of Arts (now the National Taiwan University of Arts) and later worked at the National Palace Museum’s Technical Section. He dedicated extensive time to researching glazed ceramics and achieved a breakthrough with the creation of crystalline glaze. At the age of 71 in 2000, Sun Chao began to explore a more free-form approach to his creations, employing techniques such as spraying, brushing, showering, and sprinkling of glazes. He also transitioned gradually from creating bottles and vases to crafting bolder, freer, and flatter ceramic paintings.


Recognized for his craftsmanship, Sun Chao received various awards throughout his career, including the National Awards for Arts in 1986, the Taipei Ceramics Awards in 2009, and the National Crafts Achievement Awards in 2018.