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President Tsai congratulates winners of 23rd National Award for Arts

  • Date:2024-04-29
President Tsai congratulates winners of 23rd National Award for Arts

The 23rd National Award for Arts held its award ceremony on Apr. 26, with the presence of outgoing President Tsai Ing-wen. This year, the honor was presented to indigenous writer Syaman Rapongan (夏曼.藍波安), visual artist Mei Dean-E (梅丁衍), performing artist Chen Feng-kuei (陳鳳桂), and documentary director Liu Sung (劉嵩).


During the ceremony, President Tsai expressed gratitude to the awardees for their invaluable contributions to their respective field, which continuously enrich the cultural landscape and foster the sense of beauty and passion for the island. 


President Tsai praised Syaman Rapongan’s literary works that span various genres, and his adept incorporation of Chinese and Tao languages (達悟語), offering unique insights into Taiwan’s maritime world.


She also highlighted Chen Feng-kuei’s ability to fully inhabit her roles in opera performances, coupled with her dedication to performing arts for over six decades, making her a beacon of inspiration. 


Tsai remarked on Mei Dean-E’s artistic endeavors, noting his tendency to reflect on societal and political issues through his diverse creations, underlining the importance of embracing different perspectives. 


In her remarks on director Liu Sung’s documentaries, Tsai commended Liu’s selfless dedication to preserving crucial societal records over seeking personal fame, highlighting his humility and devotion to his craft.