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Paris 2024 Cultural Olympiad to feature Taiwan Pavilion

  • Date:2024-05-02
Paris 2024 Cultural Olympiad to feature Taiwan Pavilion

The Ministry of Culture (MOC) announces that 22 performing arts groups from Taiwan will participate in the Paris 2024 Cultural Olympiad. From Jul. 27 to Aug. 10, the Taiwan Pavilion will be established at Parc de la Villette, showcasing Taiwanese arts and culture alongside international counterparts. 


The Cultural Olympiad is a multidisciplinary artistic and cultural program that unfolds from the end of the previous Games to the end of the following Paralympic Games. It explores the connections between art and athletics, and the values they share, such as excellence, inclusion, cultural diversity, and universalism.


Culture Minister Shih Che emphasized that showcasing Taiwan’s soft power on the international stage has always been one of the ministry’s primary goals. He further highlighted that the establishment of the Taiwan Pavilion marks a significant opportunity to participate in the Cultural Olympiad for the first time, providing a platform to exhibit Taiwan’s distinctive cultural essence and democratic values.


The Taiwan Pavilion will feature 22 performing arts groups in Paris, with over 120 members and performers. They will present 60 shows, encompassing music, opera, dance, and visual performances, showcasing Taiwan’s vibrant creative energy.