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43rd National Cultural Award ceremony held in Taipei

  • Date:2024-05-13
43rd National Cultural Award ceremony held in Taipei

The 43rd National Cultural Award ceremony was held on May 9 at Taipei Zhongshan Hall, presenting the honor to scholar Fu Chao-ching (傅朝卿), photographer Juan I-jong (阮義忠), and late poet Lin Heng-tai (林亨泰).


During the ceremony, Culture Minister Shih Che praised Fu Chao-ching for his leadership in the education of cultural heritage preservation by stressing that culture is preserved not for the past but for the future. He commended Juan I-jong for accurately portraying the lives of the people through his camera lenses, vividly depicting the trajectory of Taiwan’s culture. Additionally, he noted Lin Heng-tai’s significant contributions to Taiwanese literature, which have played a crucial role in shaping Taiwan’s historical narrative.


Premier Chen Chien-jen (陳建仁) acknowledged the unparalleled contributions of the awardees, who have served as pioneers in the fields of cultural heritage, visual arts, and literature, infusing each of their works with unique and innovative visions. He also highlighted the government’s role in fostering an encouraging environment for artistic and cultural development, citing initiatives such as the 1 plus 4—T-content plan (文化黑潮計畫) and the Historical and Cultural Heritage Preservation and Development plan (歷史與文化資產維護發展計畫), which aim to promote Taiwan’s culture domestically and internationally.