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Art installation in Hsinchu wins int'l design awards in US and AU

  • Date:2022-10-26

"Tranquil Lotus Field (荷田雅韻)," a lotus light art installation in Hsinchu, has been recognized by the New York Design Awards and Sydney Design Awards, winning the silver award in the category of Pop-Ups, Display, Exhibit & Set Design in both competitions.

"Tranquil Lotus Field" was designed by the director of Golden Eagle International Lighting & Engineering Co., Ltd., Liu Chih-liang (劉治良). According to the New York Design Awards website, the art installation which shows the lotus leaves, reeds, and dandelions floating on the water integrates a professional composition of electronic musical arrangements and special lighting changes that work to display a marvelous nocturnal atmosphere. Based on the changes in urban light environments and natural illuminance, the brightness of the LED will change accordingly. The sunlight during the day creates a reflection on the water's surface, echoing both the virtual and real. It is created using lightweight materials; thus, the module is easy to disassemble and transport and the design can be easily set up for water exhibitions.

The Cultural Affairs Bureau of Hsinchu County Government released a statement, noting that the New York Design Awards is recognized globally and is also one of the nine major international design awards. The award places emphasis on works that focus on society and the environment. By gaining recognition at the 2022 Sydney Design Awards and New York Design Awards, Hsinchu County has stepped onto the world stage and demonstrated the rich cultural energy of Hsinchu.

The New York Design Awards for the category of Pop-Ups, Display, Exhibit & Set Design celebrates innovative and creative design for a temporary building or interior, exhibition, pop-up site, installation, fixture or interactive element.

(Photo courtesy of Cultural Affairs Bureau of Hsinchu County Government)