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English literary tours in Taiwan to offer tourists a local experience

  • Date:2023-02-18
English literary tours in Taiwan to offer tourists a local experience

The National Museum of Taiwan Literature (NMTL) has launched an English-language walking tour and game activities to offer foreign travelers a local experience with the aim of introducing Taiwanese literature.

As part of a program to promote interest in and knowledge of Taiwan, Kyushu University and the University of Tokyo organize field trips to Taiwan every year. On Feb. 18, over forty teachers and students from both universities arrived in Tainan City to partake in a journey organized by the NMTL.

During the morning tour, a volunteer guide provided the participants with an introduction to the architecture and literary translations, and showcased two of NMTL's exhibitions: "The Power of Literature: Writing OUR TAIWAN (文學力——書寫LÁN臺灣常設展)" and "Beyond Our Mind: Taiwanese Literature Between Animals and Humans (為人以外的——臺灣動物文學特展)."

In the afternoon, the participants engaged in outdoor games and activities that allowed them to experience the local history and culture and visited multiple tourist spots including the Tainan City 228 Memorial Hall, Chongqing Temple, Yeh Shih-Tao Literature Memorial Museum, Tainan Confucius Temple, Lily Fruit Store, Judicial Museum, Kwan Tai Temple, Hayashi Department Store, and more.

NMTL director Nikky Lin (林巾力) stated that literature has the potential in helping foreign visitors gain a better understanding of Taiwan. She mentioned that this year, the games and activities were specially designed to welcome the visiting teachers and students. She hopes that this will attract more educational groups from Japan to visit Tainan City, and in the future, the event will be translated into more languages to enable more foreign sightseers to learn about Taiwanese literature while enjoying their leisure travels.

By launching a game that combines entertainment and knowledge, the NMTL aims to enhance tourists' understanding of Tainan, as well as Taiwanese literature, culture, and history, so as to increase the visibility of the museum and nearby tourist spots on the international stage.