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BAMID Director Hsu Yi-chun appointed as new Vice Minister of Culture

  • Date:2023-08-22
The new Vice Culture Minister Hsu Yi-chun

The Ministry of Culture announced a number of senior management changes on Aug. 22, alongside a transition where the current Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development (BAMID) Director Hsu Yi-chun (徐宜君) will succeed Lee Lien-chuan (李連權) as the Vice Culture Minister while Lee will take on the role of Executive Yuan advisor.


The current Deputy Director of BAMID's Art Division Wu Yi-hsuan (吳宜璇) will take over Tseng Chin-man (曾金滿) as the head of BAMID's Music Division. Tseng will assume the role of Deputy Director at the Department of Public Affairs, Office of the President.


Yang Ting-chen (楊婷媜), currently the Deputy Director of the Mongolian and Tibetan Cultural Center, was appointed to fill the position left vacant by Chen Ying-fang (陳瑩芳), who will step down as the Director of the Department of Humanities and Publications.


Minister of Culture Shih Che thanked Lee for ensuring the smooth functioning of the Ministry during his tenure and actively implementing projects and events such as fashion week, Culture x Technology, and Regional Revitalization.


Minister Shih said that the newly appointed directors are long-serving members of the MOC. He believes that the three new directors will be able to ensure a seamless transition within the Ministry and achieve new heights.

According to the MOC, the new Vice Culture Minister Hsu Yi-chun is currently the director of BAMID. She has served in various roles at the Council for Cultural Affairs, MOC's Department of Humanities, and Department of Cultural and Creative Industries. Her range of experiences and roles in various departments have demonstrated her outstanding ability to organize, communicate, and coordinate. The MOC believes that she will be able to bring all of her skills to her new role.