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Taipei Fashion Week SS24 to showcase youth culture with style

  • Date:2023-10-02
Taipei Fashion Week SS24 to showcase youth culture with style

Co-organized by the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and Taipei City Government, Taipei Fashion Week SS24, the greatest fashion event in Taiwan, will open in the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park from Oct. 11 to Oct. 17. A press conference on the event was held on Sept. 25, revealing highlights of the fashion shows .


The Taipei Fashion Week is an event that emphasizes the synergy between fashion and culture. Its past themes featured graphic arts, indigenous culture, and traditional crafts. The centerpiece of this season is “youth culture.” As the international fashion industry suggests, youths are the key to the change in popular culture. The individuality demonstrated in media shows that the youths are full of creative power to influence the fashion industry.


Deputy Culture Minister Sue Wang (王時思), research fellow Tsai Yi-ting (蔡依婷) of the Department of Cultural Affairs of the Taipei City Government, director Chen Tien-li (陳殿禮) of the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute, and other guests were present at the press conference. 


Deputy Culture Minister Wang said cultures around the globe are going more segmented and diverse, yet full of youthfulness. She explained that contrary to the past, fashion nowadays is about the understanding of culture and forming a personal brand. She also emphasized that through this event, MOC aspires to integrate the industry from design to production, and to marketing, in order to elevate the whole fashion industry in Taiwan and exceed on the international stage.


Taipei Fashion Week SS24 will be showcasing a series of 15 shows, displaying the unique styles of each brand. The shows are inspired by different motives, such as art, religion, history, a glimpse of everyday life, artificial intelligence, and so on, to create an event imbued with different colors.


For more information, please visit the official website of the Taipei Fashion Week: