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Taiwanese illustrator selected for Bologna Illustrators Exhibition

  • Date:2024-04-15
Taiwanese illustrator Jheng Yuan-chin

Taiwanese illustrator Jheng Yuan-chin (鄭元欽) was selected as one of the 2024 winning illustrators of the 58th Bologna Illustrators Exhibition, sharing the honor with 78 illustrators from 31 countries and territories of the world. 


The Illustrators Exhibition is hosted by the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, a prestigious event in Italy that has been running for 58 years. This year saw the submission of 3,520 works from 81 countries and regions, of which 12 were from Taiwan. Jheng stood as the only finalist from Taiwan with his work titled “Prison.”


“Prison” is one of the works in Jheng’s series “The Letter’s Address (信件的地址).” It is based on the imagination of the illustrator about a letter that he sends to himself. 


Furthermore, two titles from Taiwan were selected in the 2024 BolognaRagazzi Awards (The BRAW Amazing Bookshelf), namely, “The Seed and the Wind (種子與風)” by Ma Li (馬利), Yang Shi-yi (楊士毅), and Wang Yu-hsuan (王妤璇); and “Have Fun In Tuā-Tiū-Tiânn (大稻埕動物園)” by Bei Lynn (林小杯) and Wu Jui-che (吳睿哲).