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  • Date:2013-05-04


Cross-strait contemporary art exhibition to open in Taichung

A biennial cross-strait contemporary art exhibition, co-hosted by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and National Art Museum of China, will kick off in Taichung on May 4 and run through July 7.

The exhibition this year is titled "Inter-vision” and will present 18 pairs of artists from each side of the Taiwan Strait. By displaying the pairs' artworks side by side, the exhibition highlights the multiple perspectives and correlations in cross-strait contemporary art in response to the global environment in the context of shared cultural origins.

The exhibition focuses on Taiwanese and mainland Chinese artists' perspectives and reactions to the environment in recent years based on their own experiences to present the pluralism and organic qualities of contemporary art. The themes of the artists' works can be categorized into their thinking about the current and future environment, their experiences of life and culture, as well as their innovative philosophies on the nature of art.

As cross-strait exchanges have become more frequent and open, contemporary art across the Taiwan Strait has gradually reflected the interlocking and overlapping in the media, themes and creative thinking. The diverse perspectives and views resulting from the interactions have been manifested not only in exterior forms and but also in internal influences.

"Inter” refers to not only the interrelation of history, culture and society but also the reflection and influence of inner thinking, while "vision” refers to different the views that have resulted in the diverse forms of contemporary art.

Based on the concept of its title, the exhibition presents the artistic creation issues of concern by the art communities across the Taiwan Strait, and their similar or different responses. The exhibition also creates a space for dialogues and echoes between the artworks on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

The exhibition will be held first at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in May and then at National Art Museum of China in Beijing in August. The artworks to be on display range from Chinese brush painting, oil painting, sculpture, installation and new media.

Among the artworks to be on display is "Memory Sketch,” an installation art tailor-made by Taiwanese artist Liu Kuo-chang and antiquities restorer Liang Hung for the museum's space and combined with the elements of the Greater China region.

Taiwanese artist Yu Wen-fu will also present his latest installation piece titled "Heaven and Man,” which features his best skill — bamboo weaving. On the mainland Chinese side are sculptor Zhan Wang and Chen Wenling, who will display stainless steel artworks.

A forum featuring discussions by artists from both sides of the Taiwan Strait will be held on May 5. During the exhibition, other speeches on relevant topics will also be delivered.

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