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'Yaacov Agam: Beyond the Invisible'

  • Date:2013-04-13
'Yaacov Agam: Beyond the Invisible'


Visiting Israeli artist Yaacov Agam, who is best known for his optical and kinetic art, on Thursday invited Taiwanese visitors to interact with his artworks that are currently on display in Taichung City. 'Audiences can interact with the museum and make their own works,' the 85-year-old experimental artist said at a press conference in Taipei.

The exhibition, titled 'Yaacov Agam: Beyond the Invisible,' comprises around 50 pieces created by Agam since 1965, according to the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts where the exhibition is being held. The display includes Agam's best-known work — relief paintings made up of countless triangular pillars that look different from different angles, the museum said.

It also includes his kinetic sculptures — geometric metallic sculptures that can change shape and form upon touch — and transformable paintings that allow the movement of items to new positions to change the look of the painting.

The artist's earlier paintings have been converted into digital interactive art that is also on display at the exhibition, according to the museum. 'I think my art could help people to better understand the ever-changing and unexpected reality,' said Agam, who is known for bringing the concepts of time, change and motion to his work.

Culture Minister Lung Ying-tai encouraged teachers and parents to take their students and children to the exhibition to learn more about color and dimensions. Israel's representative to Taiwan Simona Halperin said Agam not only changed people's perception of art in the 1950s, but also developed a unique visual education program for children.

In 1996, the UnitedNations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) awarded Agam a medal for the 'Agam Program for Visual Cognition.' which introduces basic visual concepts such as geometric shapes, directions, colors and size relationships to children. His exhibition in Taichung, central Taiwan will run until June 9.

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