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The 6th Hwayang Awards for Watercolor Paintings

  • Date:2013-03-30
The 6th Hwayang Awards for Watercolor Paintings


The paintings that won the 6th Hwayang Awards for Watercolor Paintings, a competitive pan-Asia art competition, will be on display at the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei between March 30 and April 10.

The awards were established in 2007 by the Yang Chun's Watercolor Art Association in Taipei, an organization founded by a group of entrepreneurs and art lovers in 1999 to promote watercolor paintings in Taiwan and to improve the public's appreciation of the particular art medium.The awards have been open to artists from all over Asia since its fifth year.

More than 700 Taiwanese, South Korean, Malaysian and mainland Chinese painters vied for the awards in 2012. The judges, who are rominent painters from Taiwan, China and South Korea, select a total of 35 winners per year. The awards have different subject matters every year, and for this year it is "a watercolor panorama of the participant's home country, depicting either denizens in an urbane setting or residents of the rustic countryside.”

The 2013 gold, silver and bronze award winners are Huang Chien-yu and Chen Chun-nan of Taiwan and Wen Xinmin of mainland China, respectively. Huang's winning painting, titled "Life,” portrays a man cooking in his home kitchen while Chen's piece features a peaceful afternoon at the park. Wen won the bronze for his portrait of an old Tibetan man.

The remaining 32 winners were from other countries and regionssuch as Malaysia, Macau and South Korea. To honor some of Asia's finest watercolor painters, an awards ceremony will take place on March 4.

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