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‘Fantasy Journey, Happy You and Me’

  • Date:2013-03-15
‘Fantasy Journey, Happy You and Me’


"Fantasy Journey, Happy You and Me,” a special exhibition organized by the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute's Miaoli Craft Park, features more than 1,000 handmade ceramic dolls in a fantasy setting.

Thanks to the region's abundance of natural clay, the western Taiwanese county of Miaoli was once known as the "Kingdom of Ceramics.” The Japanese introduced the art of decorative ceramics to Miaoli in the 1970s and opened many ceramic factories, which solidified Miaoli's important role in Taiwan's ceramic craft history.

The "Fantasy Journey, Happy You and Me” exhibition has collected more than 1,000 ceramic dolls from a wide variety of themes, including a fairytale series and a carnival series. The dolls, in addition to being great collection items in Europe and the United States, are also considered a good gift choice because they represent people's blessings.

The "Fantasy” exhibition is open through Dec. 15 and is free of charge.