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The Year of the Snake Bears Good Tidings

  • Date:2013-01-26
The Year of the Snake Bears Good Tidings

Address:No. 2, Xiangyang Rd., Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan

Since the days of Pangu, the legendary creator of the universe in Chinese lore, snakes have played a prominent role in Oriental folktales and myths.

From Nuwa, the half-woman, half-serpent goddess that created mankind, to Madame White Snake, an ancient spirit who fell in love with a mortal man, snakes have always appeared to possess mysterious powers in the eyes of the Chinese.

Taiwanese aboriginal tribes have also passed down many tales featuring the Chinese moccasin, a highly venomous copperhead nicknamed "the hundred pacer.” It was believed that once bitten by a Chinese moccasin, the victim would not last beyond a hundred steps.

In honor of 2013, the Year of the Snake, the National Taiwan Museum (NTM) has organized a series of events, including screen-printing lessons, calligraphy-writing sessions, paper-cutting games and red envelope giveaways.

Also on special display at the museum are snake-themed prints and pictures. Last but not least, the NTM will be playing host to live serpents on February 16-17, so get ready to meet the scaly guests up close and personal.