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Nationwide events set to encourage reading among elementary, intermediate schoolers

  • Date:2020-09-07
Nationwide events set to encourage reading among elementary, intermediate schoolers

The Ministry of Culture will launch a talk and book-themed exhibitions on numerous topics across Taiwan as part of the Ministry's years-long effort to encourage a love of reading to take root among elementary and intermediate students, starting from Sept. 18 through Oct. 28.

The series of events will kick off with a talk at the Kaohsiung Literary Museum on Sept. 18 featuring Taiwanese writer Liu Xuan (劉軒), whose latest work, along with 69 books of different categories, has been selected as one of reading recommendations for elementary school and middle school students by the Ministry this year.

The talk will see Liu address social intelligence quotient, which, according to the original definition of American psychologist Edward Thorndike, refers to "the capability of humans to understand and manage other humans as well as to act rationally in human relations."

From Sept. 18 to Oct. 23, an exhibition on selected books for elementary and middle school students, based on recommendations made by the Ministry, will be held at Taipei Public Library Lee Koyung Branch (李科永紀念圖書館) in Shilin District, Taipei City.

To draw the readers of all ages in through the most approachable and light-hearted content, a month-long comic book exhibition will take place from Sept. 24 to Oct. 25 at Yue Yue Bookstore (閱樂書店) in Taipei's Xinyi District with the aim of cultivating a daily reading habit among members of the general public.

Hoanya Bookstore (洪雅書房) in the southwest city of Chiayi, known for its selection of books centered on social issues, literature, and historical topics, will display children-friendly publications from Sept. 28 to Oct. 28 to instill young learners with an appreciation for the importance of the written words.

In another effort to encourage young readers to embark on the journey of self-exploration, Guesthouse Susu (晃晃書店) in Taiwan's eastern county of Taitung will hold an exhibition themed "tracing roots" from Sept, 28 to Oct. 23, featuring literary works that address the interconnections and mutual interdependence between humans and land – from the perspective of indigenous communities.

To further foster and sustain the culture of reading, there will also be reading promotion events in elementary schools and junior high schools in Taipei, Chaiyi, and Taitung at later dates yet to be determined. Visit here for more information.