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NTCRI holds joint art exhibition highlighting tea ware

  • Date:2021-04-05
NTCRI holds joint art exhibition highlighting tea ware

The National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute (NTCRI) at Caotun Township, Nantou County, is currently holding a group exhibition "2021 Top Taiwan Handscraft Arts (2021登峰造極‧犇藝術-台灣頂極工藝協會會員聯展)" at its Living Craft Hub. It will last until June 30.

The exhibition features 152 sets of works of ceramic art, lacquer art, bamboo art, wood art, stone art, colored glaze, clay sculpture, dyeing and weaving, and metalworking, by 48 members of the Top Taiwan Handicraft Arts (T.T.H.A.), an association which is composed of the Taiwan Crafts Workshop (臺灣工藝之家), NTCRI's own design brand Yii, and Taiwan Good Craft Judgment (良品美器).

Led by the NTCRI, the T.T.H.A. has dedicated to the promotion of Taiwan's arts and crafts industry, through active participation in various large-scale exhibitions in order to encourage artisans and association members to create innovative spirit and raise their competitiveness, making Taiwanese arts and crafts more accessible by the public.

In light of the fact that "tea" has become an important component of spiritual life of modern people, tea utensils bear great cultural and spiritual significance. Good tea seems to be of superior quality when served with exquisite tea ware.

With 28 top artisans holding expertise in the field of tea ware, the T.T.H.A. presents a collection of tea ware. With various types of ceramic glaze such wood-fired, celadon, tenmoku, and crystalline, combined with natural materials, including black jade, tree lacquer, and cypress, the artisans have created unique tea ware. The items on display reflect the infinite potential and excellent technique in combining different materials in artistic creations.

The NTCRI hopes to promote the many facets of Taiwan tea culture and to introduce Taiwan's creative potential in this particular field, through the art pieces displayed in the exhibition.