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NMP launches a series of online exhibitions themed around Austronesian Peoples

  • Date:2021-07-06
NMP launches a series of online exhibitions themed around Austronesian Peoples

In compliance with the government's epidemic preventive measures, all museums in Taiwan are temporarily closed. To allow the public to experience the diverse exhibit contents remotely, National Museum of Prehistory (NMP) has curated a series of virtual exhibitions themed around "Austronesian Peoples," in continuation of last year's online exhibitions on three major themes "World Austronesia," "Austronesian in Taiwan," and "Prehistoric Archeology."

Through this effort, NMP hopes to engage and educate the public about the development trajectory of the Austronesian Peoples through digital exhibitions, providing exquisite details of the culture and collections for viewers.

NMP has been committed to promoting and exploring the history of prehistoric archeology, Austronesian Peoples’ culture in Taiwan, as well as the global Austronesian culture.

"Austronesian New Vision: Indonesia," is one of the featured themes exhibited in the Southeast Asia section in the museum. It features information on the spice trade of the 16th century, which was an event that caused the fate of Austronesian Peoples in Southeast Asia to be affected by Western capitalism and slavery. The Dutch East India Company colonized Indonesia islands for centuries and the recorded history provides us with an understanding of their past.

In July, an exhibition titled "The Cultural Rejuvenation of Siraya, Makadao, and Dawulong" will unveil the early history of the aboriginal people in Taiwan. NMP makes an effort to find out the missing part of Taiwanese Plains Indigenous Peoples in history and also collaborates with the local tribes to promote cultural revitalization.

To create more possibilities for the museum in the post-pandemic era, NMP provides a variety of virtual exhibitions and symposiums for the public to learn about the profound history of Austronesian culture in Taiwan and the world.

To view the series of online exhibitions, please visit NMP’s official webpage, or Instagram.