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Chi Po-lin Foundation launches special exhibition 'Reflection of Rivers'

  • Date:2021-10-09
Chi Po-lin Foundation launches special exhibition 'Reflection of Rivers'

The Chi Po-lin Foundation's (看見.齊柏林基金會) special exhibition "Reflection of Rivers (映河)" was launched on Oct. 9 to immerse visitors in the rivers of Taiwan through interactive technology as viewed from the lens of late documentary director Chi Po-lin (齊柏林).

According to the foundation, this special exhibition is divided into four major exhibition areas, presenting a bird's-eye view of Xiao Wulai Waterfall (小烏來瀑布), Chenyoulan River (陳有蘭溪), Xiuguluan River (秀姑巒溪), Liwu River (霧溪上游), four major river systems in the north, central, south and east of Taiwan.

The foundation stated that a long and narrow canyon corridor was built on the exhibition site, and a number of river photographs were specifically selected in addition to video technology to present the original beauty of the river in aerial photography and the changes upon blending with the urban environment.

The touch screen technology also conveys the harm caused to rivers by people and industrial development, the destruction of rivers, highlight the color of polluted rivers, present problems such as the water quality and water shortage and the need to protect rivers.

View Sonic stated that it uses technology to serve the arts and contribute to Taiwan's environmental sustainability issues. Through its cooperation with the Chi Po-lin Foundation, it pays tribute to the spirit and contribution of director Chi Po-lin, and continues his mission of caring for Taiwan's land.

The director of the Chi Po-lin Foundation Wan Kuan-li (萬冠麗) pointed out that the exhibition offers a glimpse of the rivers that pass through the mountains, cut through steep valleys, nourish the industrial ecosystem, and their beauty as they flow into the ocean.

Wan Kuan-li noted that Chi Po-lin’s documentaries remind us of the reality of ecological destruction. Visitors may behold the beauty and tragedy of Taiwan, and with rivers serving as a mirror, reevaluate the meaning of sustainable development.

(Photo courtesy of Chi Po-lin Foundation)