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"Mongolian and Tibetan Film Festival" to screen ten Tibetan and Mongolian films at three venues

  • Date:2021-10-26
'Mongolian and Tibetan Film Festival' to screen ten Tibetan and Mongolian films at three venues

This year's "Mongolian and Tibetan Film Festival" organized by the Ministry of Culture will be screening ten Mongolian and Tibetan themed films at Taipei's SPOT-Huashan, Taichung’s Shin Kong Cinemas and the Kaohsiung Film Arichive from Oct. 29 to Nov. 11 free of charge.

MOC pointed out that Taiwan is a place where different cultures meet, and accepts people from different regions, including Mongolian and Tibetan compatriots. The ministry hopes that the "Mongolian and Tibetan Film Festival" will expand into a national film festival in the future, and include Taiwanese aboriginal people and other ethnic groups to foster dialogue through films.

The opening film "Marked Man (役無反顧)" on October 29th is a war film epic made by Mongolia to commemorate the 80th anniversary of "Battles of Khalkhin Gol." The film details Dandar, the commander of the Mongolian cavalry regiment who successfully blocked the Japanese invasion of the Far East, and forever changed the course of Russian and Mongolian history.

"The Woman (穹蒼女人)," which won the Best Cinematography Award at the Dhaka International Film Festival in 2021, explores women's issues, while "They Sing up on the Hill (山丘上的約定)" is an inspirational film about young male and female music enthusiasts who rediscover themselves in Ulaanbaatar.

"The Steed (男孩與馬)," which won the Best Feature Film award at the San Diego International Film Festival , conveys the inner world of the Mongolian people. "Veins of the World (在世界看見山谷)" reflects Mongolian educational and environmental protection issues. These two films will be competing for 2020 and 2021's Academy Award for Best International Feature Film, respectively.

Tibetan themed films include the documentary "Kalachakra The Enlightenment (到達蘭薩拉禮佛)" co-produced by France and India; Japanese documentary "The Dalai Lama, The 14th – The World Champion Of Peace (達賴喇嘛14世:西藏大哉問)" which traces the footsteps of the Dalai Lama who was exiled to Dharamshala in northern India in exploring the life and aspirations of exiled Tibetans in the present day. "Barley Fields on the Other Side of the Mountain" produced in the UK details the life of 16-year-old Tibetan girl Pema who fearlessly pursues freedom at all cost.

"Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom(不丹是教室)," which won Audience Choice Award for Best Feature Film and the Best of the Fest at the 2020 Palm Springs International Film Festival, describes the pursuit and loss of happiness and belonging among the self-reliant town of Lunana in the Himayalas. Finally, the drama film "Little Buddha (小活佛)" enlightens global audiences on the concept of "reincarnation."