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NMP holds special exhibition on history of southern Taiwan science park

  • Date:2022-03-22
NMP holds special exhibition on history of southern Taiwan science park

A special exhibition which will run until May. 22 kicked off at the Tainan Branch of the National Museum of Prehistory (NMP), offering new perspectives on the heritage sites in Tainan Science Park.

Titled "Bowing and Gazing at the Archaeology Heritage: The Modernology at Tainan Science Park," the exhibition features the prehistoric and modern history of the park, taking viewers to explore the past and present of the landscape from a perspective of modernology.

There are many heritage sites in the Southern Taiwan Science Park, noted the Museum of Archaeology of Tainan Branch of NMP. The parking lot and protected area, for example, have their original landscape preserved, while some sites belong to companies based in the park.

Eight businesses located in the heritage site area, including 3M Taiwan and Showa Denko Semiconductor Materials (Taiwan), are invited to participate in the exhibition.

To provide audiences with different perspectives, the exhibition also invites archaeologists from different fields, including contemporary art and sound art, as well as employees of Southern Taiwan Science Park-based firms, and professionals in architecture, photography, culture, and history fields to conduct archaeological observation on the park.

These participants engage in a dialogue between modernology and archaeology, and evoke the prehistoric memories hidden in this place through exhibits in the form of sound and audio installations, photography, video, and text.

The exhibition hall is also open for sound artists to conduct research and collect data.

Senior Executive Officer Huang Hong-wen (黃宏文) of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government said that the title of this exhibition demonstrates the attitude of the Museum of Archaeology of Tainan Branch of NMP towards cultural assets. The word "gazing" in the title refers to a contemporary perspective on the everyday life and heritage sites in the park, added Huang.

Through the exhibition, the museum seeks to tell the public that the prehistoric and modern era are linked, and it is touching that the history of this land is written continuously.