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Special exhibition on Paiwan weaving patterns by Taiwan's national living treasure

  • Date:2022-03-25
Special exhibition on Paiwan weaving patterns by Taiwan's national living treasure

The National Tainan Living Art Center (NTLAC) joined hands with the Laiyi Township Office of Pingtung County to launch a special exhibition displaying works by Ljumiyang Pacekelj (許春美), an indigenous weaver who was certified as "national living treasure" by the Ministry of Culture for her skilled weaving technique.

In collaboration with the Laiyi Indigenous Museum, the exhibition will run through May 8, showcasing Ljumiyang’s dedication to the continuation and promotion of Paiwanese traditional weaving skills, allowing the public to learn more about Paiwanese aesthetic expression.

Secretary-general of the Ministry of Culture Chen Teng-chin (陳登欽) said that from Ljumiyang's works, he learned the life story and cultural connotation of weaving patterns. In order to implement important policies for the development of indigenous museums, MOC has been focused on the collaboration between national museums and indigenous museums. Now, with the support of NTLAC, it will be able to share the rich diversity of Taiwan's cultural heritage with the public.

Township Mayor of Pingtung County Laiyi Township Chuang Ching-hsing (莊景星) said Ljumiyang inherited the traditional weaving skills from her family and tribal elders. She is one of the few who can pass on the knowledge of weaving skills and Paiwan language. Ljumiyang also expressed her hope that visitors can experience the cultural connotation of Paiwan from the unique weaving patterns.

For more information about the exhibition, please click here.

Traditional Paiwan Weaver | Ljumiang Pacekelj