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Exhibition featuring works of legendary modernist architect takes place

  • Date:2023-10-02
Exhibition featuring works of legendary modernist architect takes place

Staged by the Ministry of Culture, "The Eyes of A Modernist: Chang Chao-Kang’s Architecture Exhibition" (現代之眼:張肇康建築展) is now presenting the works of Chang Chao-Kang (張肇康), a legendary architect in the Sinosphere. This exhibition was inaugurated on Sept. 25, aiming to retrospectively examine the development of Taiwan’s modernity through Chang’s emblematic architectural works.   


Distinguished attendees at the opening ceremony included Director Lin Hong-yi (林宏義) of MOC's Department of Cultural Resources, Deputy Director Huang Hsiu (黃秀) of the National Taiwan Museum (NTM), the exhibition curator Shyu Ming-song (徐明松) and others.    


Director Lin thanked the curatorial team for faithfully presenting Chang’s architectural style that combines the eastern and western aesthetics. He also said that NTM has been working closely with the Taiwan Museum Foundation to create a series of exhibitions to further reveal architectures and designs in the country.


NTM's Deputy Director Huang explained that following the United Nations call for Sustainable Development Goals, they are expecting new kinds of architecture emerge globally. NTM is actively accumulating post-war artifacts in Taiwan, in order to construct a new connection between nature and culture of the future, she added.


Born in 1922, Chang Chao-Kang was among the first generation of architects who embraced the Bauhaus style. He studied under renowned architect Walter Gropius during his time in Harvard University. Chang was one of the three architects who designed the campus of Tunghai University (東海大學) in Taichung, which was designated as a cultural landscape by the local government. He also left behind a legacy of architectural creations in Taipei, Hong Kong, and New York during the period of 1960s to 1980s.



Detailed information on "The Eyes of A Modernist: Chang Chao-Kang's Architecture Exhibition":

Date: Sept. 25, 2023 to March 1, 2024 (closed on weekends)

Venue: The Art Gallery, Ministry of Culture 

Address: No. 439 Zhongping Road First Floor (South Building), Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan