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Art exhibition on immersive technology takes place at NTMoFA

  • Date:2023-10-20
Immersive technology at 'Streaming Colony: Nesting Terrariums'

An art exhibition titled “Streaming Colony: Nesting Terrariums (串流群落:溫室中的溫室)” is on display in the U-108 SPACE of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA) from now on until Dec. 12. The U-108 SPACE is a venue of NTMoFA for experimental immersive technology.


Inaugurated on Oct. 14, the exhibition is co-created by two young artists, Wu Chi-yu (吳其育) and Chen Pu (陳普). “Streaming Colony” tells a tale of ecology, history, and the future, exploring the interdependent relationship between civilizations and ecology through the course of time. It displays Wardian-case-like installations, along with utilizing immersive technology in the U-108 SPACE to create a conservatory. 


In the opening ceremony, Wang Chia-cheng (汪佳政), deputy director of NTMoFA, said the core concept of this exhibition is the Wardian case from the 19th century, a portable container used in growing or transporting living plants. As the exhibited works were built with the latest technology and artistic creativity, Wang believes the exhibition will be inspirational and able to raise awareness of environmental issues. 


Wu and Chen are two outstanding Taiwanese contemporary artists. Wu is a multimedia artist whose works include film, video installation, and photography, while Chen is an expert in transforming his own hand-drawn images into interdimensional expressions. Recognized by various significant international awards, their artworks have been displayed in multiple influential art institutions and exhibitions in different countries. This exhibition highlights their observation and reflections on issues of society, history, culture, and technology. 


In the immersive space of the U-108 SPACE, “Streaming Colony” presents more diverse forms of an exhibition, allowing visitors to explore other possibilities of future ecology. For more information, please visit the NTMoFA website and Facebook page