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NTMoFA presents solo exhibition of contemporary artist Tsong Pu

  • Date:2023-11-01
Group photo

In an effort to rejuvenate Taiwan’s history of arts, the art exhibition “Tsong Pu: Off-Road Aura (越野的靈光:莊普個展) ” is presented by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA), adding a new footnote to Taiwan’s contemporary art after the 1980s. 


Supervised by the Ministry of Culture (MOC), this exhibition was inaugurated on Oct. 28 with the presence of Deputy Minister of Culture Lee Ching-hwi (李靜慧), NTMoFA Director Chen Kuang-yi (陳貺怡), exhibition curator Shih Jui-jen (石瑞仁), and other contemporary artists. 


At the opening ceremony, Deputy Minister Lee said that as the body responsible for art and cultural development, MOC unceasingly works on talent cultivation, curation, and publication, along with creating a better environment for art creation while promoting international exchanges. She explained that MOC will keep collaborating with the NTMoFA as well as other museums to push Taiwan’s cultural content to the world.


Director Chen said that this exhibition is the grandest exhibition in the artist’s 40-year-long career. Incorporating eight exhibition halls and lanes in NTMoFA, it displays the complete journey of Tsong as an artist, covering over 100 pieces of his artwork, she explained.  


In response, Tsong thanked the support of MOC and the invitation by NTMoFA for this event. He said that he was treading on eggshells while preparing the biggest exhibition in his life, but is excited to be able to review his entire repertoire starting from the 1980s.


“Tsong Pu: Off-Road Aura” includes various kinds of artworks such as print, installation, photography, and video recordings, displaying the artist’s minimalist aesthetic and artistic practice. This exhibition is open now until Feb. 18, 2024, at the NTMoFA gallery 103-107, 203, and 205. For more information, please visit