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NTMoFA hosts exhibition featuring artist Chiang Ming-shyan

  • Date:2023-12-21
The Great Way Is Gateless—The Artistic Journey of Chiang Ming-shyan

As part of the Ministry of Culture’s Reconstruction of Taiwan's Art History Project (重建臺灣藝術史計畫), the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA) staged an exhibition titled “The Great Way Is Gateless—The Artistic Journey of Chiang Ming-shyan (大道無門-江明賢藝術歷程).” This exhibition runs until Feb. 25, 2024, in Taichung City.


Featuring a selection of more than a hundred ink paintings and several experimental calligraphy works by Chiang Ming-shyan over the past 50 years, the exhibition definitely repays visitors’ attention.


Born in 1942 in Taichung, Chiang Ming-shyan is an ink painting master in Taiwan’s modern art world. He devotes himself to the exploration and experimentation of ink painting, skillfully combining Western realism with Eastern imagery in his creations. Not only an artist but also an educator, Chiang cultivated many artistic talents during his tenure as a professor at the National Taiwan Normal University, which solidified his importance in the art community. 


For more information on the exhibition, please visit NTMoFA’s website.