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Art exhibition ‘An Ode to the Sun and the Moon’ inaugurated at NTMoFA

  • Date:2024-04-02
An Ode to the Sun and the Moon

The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art (NTMoFA) and the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute (NTCRI) jointly organized the exhibition “An Ode to the Sun and the Moon - Yen Shui Long’s Formosa (日月頌—顏水龍與臺灣).” Held at the NTMoFA in Taichung City, this exhibition opens now until June 30. 


Yen Shui-long (1903-1997) was born in Xiaying District (下營區), Tainan. He went to Japan to study in 1920 and graduated from the Graduate Institute of Western Painting Department at the Tokyo Fine Arts School (1922-1929). Throughout his life, he explored artistic forms in service to the public, deepening beauty in everyone’s modern experience. This exhibition takes a non-binary perspective on crafts and fine arts, guiding viewers to see the artistic landscape where “there is art in craft, and craft in art.”


Culture Minister Shih Che stated that Yen Shui-long crafted “An Ode to the Sun and the Moon” during an era when the people of Taiwan were unfamiliar with public art. Despite challenges in transporting the large-scale art pieces to the exhibition venue, the exhibition effectively portrayed the artist's life and creative journey, highlighting the histories rooted in this land.


For more information on this exhibition, please visit NTMoFA’s website