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48th Taiwan and Japan Art Exchange Exhibition

  • Date:2022-08-10
48th Taiwan and Japan Art Exchange Exhibition

The 48th Taiwan and Japan Art Exchange Exhibition will be held from Aug. 10 through 21, exhibiting 116 works at the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. The exhibition includes 10 artworks by senior Japanese artists, 26 artworks by contemporary Japanese artists, and 80 artworks by Taiwanese artists. The Chairman of the Taiwan-Japan Art Association Lin Chi-yu (林吉裕) hopes that the art and culture exchange would strengthen the friendship between Taiwan and Japan.

Taiwan-Japan Art Association indicated that this year, in addition to the oil painting, watercolor, and mixed-media artworks showcased at the Taiwan and Japan Art Exchange Exhibition at National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, artworks by 35 Taiwanese artists will also be exhibited at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in September.

Lin said that the exhibition features 60 artists as well as senior Japanese artists who have influenced the art trend of Taiwan including Kinichiro Ishikawa, Jutaro Kuroda, Asai Chū, Riki Nakagawa, and Takeshiro Kanokogi, showing artistic creativity. He also stated that although the pandemic impacted our everyday life, art exhibitions in Taiwan are still ongoing. Lin hopes that the scale of the exhibit would get bigger in the future so that more and more Taiwanese and Japanese artworks would be recognized.

Secretary General of the Cultural Affairs and Public Relations Department at the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association Murashima Ikuyo showed his gratitude to the Taiwan-Japan Art association for its efforts and dedication over the past 48 years. He is glad that during the pandemic, artists demonstrated persistence in creating works of art to capture the tough time we are going through.