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Persistence/Resistance: Taiwan – Canada Indigenous Art Exhibition

  • Date:2022-09-23
Persistence/Resistance: Taiwan – Canada Indigenous Art Exhibition

Focusing on the contemporary art of Taiwanese and Canadian indigenous peoples, the "Persistence/Resistance: Taiwan – Canada Indigenous Art Exhibition (生存/抵抗:臺灣-加拿大原住民藝術展)" will be held at the Tainan Art Museum (臺南市美術館) from Sep. 8, 2022, to Jan. 29, 2023. Co-organized by the Tainan Art Museum and Canadian Trade Office in Taipei, the exhibition is the first event of the Canada-Taiwan Arts and Culture Exchange Year.

Revolving around four topics of "Survival Environment," "Indigenous Identity," "Women’s Culture," and "Ancestral Spirit," this exhibition starts from the wounds of various nations of Indigenous Peoples-the wounds do not refer to foreign regimes, but what has been "enculturated" through influences of social status and environmental policy throughout the histories of ethnic integration and foreign culture.

The exhibition will showcase 30 sets and pieces selected from Canada's Indigenous Art Centre, CIRNAC’s collections and works by Taiwanese indigenous artists, presenting diverse perspectives. Meanwhile, it also aims to open up more opportunities for dialogue between Taiwan and Canada to explore how both nations deal with issues related to indigenous history, transformation, land, economics, and cultural heritage.

According to the press release issued by the Tainan Art Museum, Taiwan is located at the northernmost point of the Austronesian peoples' distribution area. In the past, indigenous peoples were the main ethnic groups living in Taiwan. After experiencing different regime transitions, they are facing challenging issues, such as cultural and language disappearance.

The Tainan Art Museum stated that indigenous peoples in what is now Canada and Indigenous Peoples in Taiwan share common interests with regard to Indigenous issues and boast strong peoples-to-people connections between and amongst Indigenous groups. The exhibition aims to reveal the past of indigenous peoples, bringing the issue to the forefront and providing a possible solution.

(Photo courtesy of Tainan Art Museum)