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National Taiwan Museum launches two special exhibitions on Taiwan forest railways

  • Date:2023-01-09

Organized by the National Taiwan Museum (NTM), two special exhibitions "Taiwan Forest Railways–Towards a Century of Forest Railway Development" and "Debating "Modern": Inscription of Time" will run until Oct. 15 on the first and second floors of the Railway Department Park. Visitors will be able to learn more about the forest railways that spanned hundreds of kilometers in the mountains and the formation and influence of "time."

The "Taiwan Forest Railways Special Exhibition" will answer the question of how Alishan's cypress trees were transported down to the plain by railway. As forestry started back in the 20th century, forest railways were also built around Taiwan. Among the forest railways, the Alishan Forest Railway which was opened to traffic in 1912 was the earliest built but most well-preserved one.

Six railway systems, including those in Alishan, Baxianshan, Taipingshan, and Lintienshan (Morisaka), will be displayed to explain the background of Taiwanese forestry, special route design, and logging techniques. Also, issues like the preservation of ecology and culture will be discussed at the venue.

"Debating "Modern": Inscription of Time" carries on the concept of the special exhibition "Debating "Modern": The 1935 Taipei Exposition" in 2020, which explores how time influences our lives. By exploring everyday life in the 1930s, the exhibition aims to inspire audiences to reflect on what defines a progressive society and the meaning of life.