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‘Intermedia & Aesthetics: Taiwan Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition’

  • Date:2018-07-07
‘Intermedia & Aesthetics: Taiwan Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition’

"Intermedia & Aesthetics: Taiwan Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition," a special program planned by Japanese and Taiwanese curators, will run in Taipei from July 7 through Sept. 9.  

In collaboration with the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute (NTCRI), the Museum of Arts Crafts-ITAMI (MAC-ITAMI) in the Japanese Prefecture of Hyogo selected a total of seventeen outstanding and up-and-coming designers to showcase their works and present Taiwan's culture and art to the Japanese public earlier this year from April 14 through June 3. 


Now traveling to Taiwan, "Intermedia & Aesthetics: Taiwan Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition" will showcase contemporary accessories that are made with a variety of materials. Inspired by experiences in everyday life, the bejeweled pieces will reflect each designer's style, skill, and creativity of craftsmanship.  


The featured works include leaf-shaped jewelry made of metal and glass that reflect the maker's imagination about universe and galaxy; a series of exquisite butterfly-shaped enamel accessories that integrate sculptural and microscopic elements; and a series of olive-shaped designs symbolizing different foreign cultures and seasons experienced by the artist.


There will also be metal accessories that take inspiration from traditional Chinese paper-cutting art; crafts made with electronic materials; seashell-shaped jewelry that present the designer's imagination of natural landscapes; and a work that incorporates paper, copper, enamel, and stainless steel to present an organism embodying the concept of nature and time.  


The ITAMI International Jewellery Exhibition, launched in 1998 by MAC-ITAMI, has gradually expanded its scale over the past two decades, with entries increasing up to 1,000 submissions in recent years.


Featured Artists
Wang Mei-jen (

Wang I-ting (王意婷)

Chiang I-ying (江怡瑩)

Wu Ching-chih (吳竟銍)

Wu Shu-lin (吳淑麟)

Wu Li-chu (吳禮竹)

Yi Yu-an (易佑安)

Lin Tsang-hsuan (林蒼玄)

Chi Yu-fang (紀宇芳)

Chen Ying-hsiu (陳映秀)

Chen Yu-chun (陳郁君)

Chen Kuo-jen (陳國珍)

Chen Kai-jing (陳愷靜)

Yen Wen-miao (葉玟妙)

Ou Jiun-you (歐軍佑)

Hsieh Yi-hsun (謝佾勳)

Hsieh Min-ling (謝旻玲)


'Intermedia & Aesthetics: Taiwan Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition'