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Art exhibition featuring Paul Chiang opens in Taipei

  • Date:2023-12-25
The art exhibition Re Paul Chiang – Meditating Algorithm Immersive in the Life and the Works of Paul Chiang opens in Taipei

The art exhibition “Re: Paul Chiang – Meditating Algorithm: Immersive in the Life and the Works of Paul Chiang (Re:江賢二-數位冥想.江賢二光影沈浸展)” opens from Dec. 22 to Mar. 3, 2024, at the Ambi Space One, Taipei. It showcases the accomplishments of artist Paul Chiang (江賢二) in his six-decade-long creative journey.


Paul Chiang was born in 1942 and noted for being selected for the Sao Paulo Art Biennial in 1965. He then stayed in Paris and New York for 30 years. Remarkably, his early paintings are mainly in grayscale. After returning to Taiwan in 1988, he created his iconic series, “Hundred Year Temple (百年廟)” and “Silver Lake (銀湖).” Later, he moved to Taitung and began painting in expressive colors, conceiving the series of “Pisilian (比西里岸之夢)” and “Jinzun (金樽)”. 


In the press conference held on Dec. 20, Paul Chiang thanked the curatorial team led by Wang Yi-sheng (王奕盛) for presenting his artistic life through immersive imaging technologies. His works and exhibitions could not achieve such a level by themselves, he emphasized.