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Golden Visual Awards

Golden Visual Awards

The Golden Visual Awards were established in 1997 to encourage cable TV stations to produce quality programs on local issues, serve people in the region, and function effectively as local media outlets. 2017 marked the 17th edition, as the awards were temporarily suspended between 2001 and 2004.

The number of award categories has also gradually increased from fewer than 10 initially to 16, with the addition of the "Digital Content and Innovative Service Award," "Digitization Promotion Award," "Best Program Host Award," "Best Program Planning Award," and "Best Photography Award."

The awards are now divided into seven categories: programs, individual techniques, community service, public channel operation, innovative operation, personal contribution and the Annual System Performance Award.

The Golden Visual Awards has now become a major event of the year for cable television stations, drawing 372 entries in 2013, a huge increase from 252 entries the year before and a record number of competitors for the awards.