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Yueqin Luthier | Lin Tsung-fan

  • Date:2024-05-17
Yueqin Luthier | Lin Tsung-fan

Chinese Name: 林宗範

Born: 1990

Birthplace: Tainan (Southern Taiwan)


Did You Know That…?

Lin Tsung-fan was discovered by the General Association of Chinese Culture (中華文化總會, GACC) for his excellent Yueqin (月琴) making technique. In 2020, he was included in the GACC’s “The Soul of the Craftsman (匠人魂)” series, and he received a pennant awarded by President Tsai Ing-wen as an appreciation for his contributions. 


Born in the Houbi District (後壁區) of Tainan City, Lin Tsung-fan is a self-taught Yueqin luthier with nearly two decades of experience crafting the traditional instrument. Dedicated to preserving Taiwan’s traditional folk practices, he is also a Soul Guiding Song (牽亡歌) performer, participating in the ritual that guides the soul of the deceased to the afterlife during funerals. Currently in his thirties, Lin is passionate about traditional music and instruments, leading him to establish the youngest Soul Guiding Song performing team in the country with his friends. He tirelessly hones his craft, viewing Yueqin-making and Soul Guiding Song performing as his calling to promote the value of folk art and culture.


Lin's diverse studies in fields like carpentry and construction have equipped him with the knowledge needed to create not only Yueqin but also other string instruments. He insists on using local materials, developing an ear for distinguishing the unique sounds produced by different types of wood and offering customized instruments to suit various requirements.


Growing up near a cemetery, Lin was exposed to Soul Guiding Song performances from a young age. This unique folk tradition, prevalent in southern Taiwan, is typically performed by five to seven performers. Lin's early fascination with this music led him to join the performance during his student years, in which he was invited for his talent to play musical instruments.