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Penghu Good Youth Co-creation Experimental Base

  • Date:2023-09-14
Penghu Good Youth Co-creation Experimental Base

Chinese Name: 澎好青共創實驗基地

Established: 2022

Location: Penghu County

Did You Know?

The Penghu Good Youth Co-creation Experimental Base, established by local youth teams in Penghu, held its unveiling ceremony at the Hung Ken-shen Art Museum (洪根深美術館) in June 2022, with the support of the Penghu County Government. The base serves as a platform for cultural and creative exchange for young people in local agricultural and fishing villages, aiming to contribute to the sustainable development of the island’s rural areas. The county government hopes to harness the power of the base platform to showcase the creativity of young people and promote local agricultural and fishing products, thereby driving youth employment in the region.

The Penghu County Government stated that the Penghu Youth Co-working Association, established by local youth, has made remarkable achievements in industry development, marine sustainability, rural revitalization, and cultural preservation through the "Penghu Rural Youth and Industry Guidance Co-creation Platform" initiative in 2021. With the support of the county government and council in 2022, the Penghu Good Youth Co-creation Experimental Base was founded, combining the expertise and creativity of young people to provide a broader platform for entrepreneurship and employment through workshops and marketing of youth creativity and cultural products. In the future, the base will integrate youth creative industries, handicraft workshops, cultural markets, local concerts, and community cafes to showcase the power of Penghu’s rural youth to a wider audience.

The Penghu Good Youth Co-creation Experimental Base includes local youth teams such as Penghu Fish Studio (年年有鰆工作室) and O2 Lab (海漂實驗室).

The people in charge, ocean-lover Ariel Wu (巫佳容) and CEO/community developer Hsu Huan-yu (許桓瑜) are important driving forces behind the Penghu Fish Studio. This team was born out of love for the Earth, respect for the ocean, and concern for sustainability, and aims to promote fish consumption to help people understand fish and the nurturing of marine life. Through various local educational experiences in Penghu, they hope to bring people closer to the ocean and raise awareness of sustainable marine development.

With the motto "Teaching about the ocean and fish by starting with seafood," the Penghu Fish Studio plans a series of in-depth experiences in Penghu, such as visiting fishing ports and fish markets to explore the vanishing fishing operations and unique cultures, fish cooking, and preservation methods, aiming to strengthen the connection between people and the ocean. The Penghu Fish Studio also wants to let more people know that "marine conservation does not mean a complete ban on fishing and consumption, but rather a reasonable application, just like our ancestors who coexisted with the sea in a smart way, allowing us to have fish every year."

Located in Huxi Township (湖西鄉), Penghu, O2 Lab, led by photographer Tang Tang (唐采伶), has a passionate art and craft team from around the world. In addition to regular beach cleanups, they transform various marine debris into meaningful art creations for educational purposes.


Tang established O2 Lab with the hope of making landlubbers aware of what is happening in the ocean through beach cleanups and transforming marine debris into beautiful artworks. Floats, buoys, light bulbs, ropes, driftwood, and plastic fragments, these diverse marine debris items have been given new life through the team’s creativity. Tang also collaborates with schools to plan curriculums and promote marine environmental education using these art creations. Due to ocean currents and monsoons, the northern coast of Penghu is often filled with a large amount of garbage that drifts in from China during the winter. She has also picked up trash from Taiwan on Okinawa beaches. Marine waste knows no borders, and the ocean, as accommodating as it is, cannot digest human desires.


After the unveiling of the Penghu Good Youth Co-creation Experimental Base, exhibitions showcasing the achievements of young people in rural areas will be planned under the theme of "Youth Creation—Penghu in Progress (青年創生-澎青進行式)." These exhibitions will periodically present the creative stories of Penghu's local youth, allowing everyone to understand how Penghu's youth promote a lifestyle of coexistence with the ocean through fish education, marine waste creations, and the journey from the ocean to the dining table.