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HDG Foundation

  • Date:2024-03-07
HDG Foundation

Chinese Name: 懷德居文化基金會

Established: 2008

Founder: Lin Tong-yang (林東陽)



Did You Know That… ?

The HDG Foundation (also known as Furniture Foundation, HDG) was founded in 2008 with a dedication to fostering the woodworking culture and promoting furniture aesthetics. Committed to carpentry education, the foundation aims to enhance both craftsmanship and life skills among younger generations. 



Lin Tong-yang was a professor at the Department of Industrial Design at the National Taipei University of Technology. Since his retirement in 2003, he returned to his hometown in Linkou District (林口區), New Taipei City. In 2004, he established Furniture Bibliotheca HDG, a furniture library where he shared his vast collection of thousands of furniture-related books and ninety furniture models with the public. In 2006, he opened the first woodworking school in Taiwan, HDG Dream Factory, to build a favorable environment for woodworking education. Recognizing the need to support young talent in the furniture design industry, Lin Tong-yang founded the HDG Foundation in 2008, presenting awards to honor outstanding young furniture designers. Additionally, in the same year, he constructed the HDG Foundation experiencing room to showcase original furniture designs from Taiwan. 


In 2019, the HDG Foundation partnered with the National Taipei University to establish the Woodworking Complex on the university’s Sanxia Campus, covering an area of 1,818 square meters. Utilizing the university’s space and the foundation’s financial support and designs, this collaboration aims to nurture woodworking talents across the country. By integrating elements of local culture and providing guidance for budding carpenters, the complex is dedicated to preserving and promoting traditional woodworking arts. Through woodworking education, it seeks to contribute to the development of the cultural and creative industry in the region.

(Photos courtesy of the HDG Foundation)