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Rapport Series XXIII: Jin-Ing-Ger Puppet Troupe

  • Publish Date:2019-06-06
Rapport Series XXIII: Jin-Ing-Ger Puppet Troupe

A puppetry dynasty fueled by generational creativity

Founded in 1970, Jin-Ing-Ger Puppet Troupe (金鷹閣電視木偶劇團) began as a family act based in Kaohsiung and has since been expanding its audience base throughout Taiwan by generational creativity in utilizing special puppets that are enlarged in size and more personified in body movements. By combining traditional artistry with theatrical innovations and technology-driven visual effects, Jin-In-Ger has delivered a whole new experience in Taiwanese puppetry.

Founder Chen Lao-hsiao (陳老笑) made his career with traditional puppets measuring around 35cm tall, but second-generation troupe leader Chen Jin-hai (陳錦海) took it one step further by enlarging their sizes to between 65cm and 97cm. Such proactive measures added to the popularity of the televised Jin-Ing-Ger puppet shows.

By the 1990s, Chen Huang-pao (陳皇寶) took the reins and carried forward the legacy of improving the physical and theatrical aspects of Taiwanese puppetry. He developed "stunt puppets" that could do a variety of tricks like firing arrows from horseback against a spectacular backdrop of 3D projection and light effects.

For "freeing" puppeteers from the traditional constraints of their art, Jin-Ing-Ger has fielded new grounds for Taiwanese puppetry to flourish. More information on the troupe's history is available here.

Select Performances:

Demon and Buddha

Tale of the White Snake

The Story of TAKAU