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Taiwan’s lineup for Avignon OFF 2019

  • Publish Date:2019-07-22
Taiwan’s lineup for Avignon OFF 2019

Taiwan in Avignon


Four teams will be representing Taiwan culture at the world's most celebrated fringe arts festival this July. The selection of candidates for the 2019 Off Festival d'Avignon was carried out in two stages by the Taiwan Cultural Center in Paris and Avignon staff.


The final four are:

  • Gang-a Tsui Theater (江之翠劇場)
  • Hsing Legend Theatre (興傳奇青年劇場)
  • Kuo-Shin Chuang Pangcah Dance Theatre (莊國鑫原住民舞蹈劇場)
  • B. Dance (丞舞製作)

Gang-A-Tsui is a pioneer in adopting movements from Nanguan opera. Performers also are trained in Tai Chi and other meditative techniques to help them to express the true essence of the graceful and beautifully composed Nanguan opera ... (read more)

Hsing Legend Theatre is a newly launched Peking opera troupe founded by a group of young opera lovers from the well-established Contemporary Legend Theatre. In addition to acting in traditional operas, Hsing Legend members also perform and script innovative operas that mix traditional elements with modern ones ... (read more)

Established by Amis artist Kuo-Shin Chuang in 2005, Kuo-Shin Chuang Pangcah Dance Theatre is a troupe that presents contemporary dance and Taiwan's aboriginal culture through experimental theater ... (read more)

B. Dance has been making rounds in major European and North American dance festivals in recent years. Adhering to the core value of "persistence for beautiful art conservation," B. Dance is a composite team with cross-industry links ... (read more)

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