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Taiwan’s lineup for Edinburgh Fringe 2019

  • Publish Date:2019-08-05
Taiwan’s lineup for Edinburgh Fringe 2019

Four teams will be representing Taiwan culture at the world's largest art festival this August. The selection of candidates for the 72nd Edinburgh Festival Fringe was carried out in two stages by the Taipei Representative Office in the U.K. and venue managers and staff from Edinburgh Fringe.


The final four are:

  • Shinehouse Theatre (曉劇場)
  • B.Dance (丞舞製作)
  • Chang Dance Theatre (長弓舞蹈劇場)
  • Dua Shin Te Production (大身體製造)

圖像裡可能有2 個人、文字

The compound word "Shinehouse" invented by Shinehouse Theatre's founders heralds the troupe’s noble task — becoming a shining force for society and the world of theater, and bringing hope and enthusiasm to the lives of its audiences, just like a rising sun beaming light into dark corners ... (read more)

圖像裡可能有2 個人、文字

B. Dance ― led by rising star of Taiwanese choreography Benson Tsai ― has been making rounds in major European and North American dance festivals in recent years. Adhering to the core value of "persistence for beautiful art conservation," B. Dance is a composite team with cross-industry links ... (read more)


As a relatively young dance group in Taiwan, Chang Dance Theater carries the mission of promoting dance and making performing arts more readily available across Taiwan. The four brothers have each taken the role of leader, artist director, choreographer, and dancer, jointly producing prize-winning pieces and bringing their performances overseas ... (read more)


Based on the core belief that "where there are lives, there are bodies; where there are bodies, there are movements," Dua Shin Te Production emphasizes seeking new approaches to body utilization through self-awareness ... (read more)

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