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Taipei Chamber Singers

  • Publish Date:2015-09-09
Taipei Chamber Singers

  • Chinese Name: 台北室內合唱團
  • Year of Establishment: 1992
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  • The Singers launched its "Music Unlimited Program” in 2006, which seeks to collaborate with international composers and strike up new conversations in Oriental choral music in the 21st century.
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The Taipei Chamber Singers (TCS) have developed into one of the most distinguished vocal groups in Asia under the guidance of conductor Chen Yun-hung, who also serves as the CEO and Artistic Director of the Taiwan Choral Music Center, Artistic Director of the Taipei Chamber Singers and Huaxin Children's Choir, Conductor of the Taipei Teacher's Choir and the Nova Festival Chorus, and Artistic Director of the HanGuan Vocal Band.

Since their founding in 1992, the Taipei Chamber Singers have won more medals in international contests than any other Taiwanese choral group; they were also the first group in Taiwan to be invited to the ISCM-ACL World Music Days event in Hong Kong in 2007. They then attended the 8th World Symposium on Choral Music Denmark in 2008, and have continued to perform modern choral music worldwide. TCS have been praised for their excellent vocal performances by world-renowned conductors such as Gunther Theuring, Peter Phillips, Yan Liang-kun, Paul Travert, Bob Chilcott and Frieder Bernius.

In addition, the Taipei Chamber Singers have traveled to Austria for the 32nd International Choir Competition in Spittal, to the United Kingdom for the 50th International Choir Competition in Llangollen, to Italy for the 42nd International Choir Competition in Seghizzi, and to Germany for the International Johannes Brahms Choir Competition in Wernigerode.

In 2006, the Taipei Chamber Singers launched the unprecedented "Music Unlimited Program” to create greater opportunities for modern choral music to flourish in Asia. This program covers three main areas: the creation, debut, and publication of new works.

Under 'Music Unlimited,' TCS have commissioned more than a dozen internationally well-known composers from Taiwan, Malaysia and Hong Kong, such as Lee Tzyy-sheng, Chen Mei-chun, Chen Chiung-yu, Chang Yiu-kKwong, Yim Fuk-wing, Chan Wai-kwong, Chan Wing-wah and Jen Chen-hui, to produce more than thirty pieces of work. Premieres of these works are regularly held in Taipei and subsequently performed on international stages, such as the International Modern Music Festival in Hong Kong and the World Choral Music Forum Festival in Denmark.

Through the publication of collections on these remarkable melodies, TCS has found a way to preserve the best of Asian-styled modern choral music, while conductor Chen continues to dedicate herself to the development of choral music education and the art of choral performance in Taiwan.