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Taiwan Sound Lab

  • Date:2020-08-24
Taiwan Sound Lab

Name: 臺灣音響實驗室
Year of Establishment: Nov. 2019
Located At: Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-Lab)
Did You Know That…?
Taiwan Sound Lab aims to become an important institution that combines sound, technology, art, and culture, and can explore the possibilities of sound art based on scientific research and technological innovation. The lab will serve as a new platform for talent cultivation, research and development, and co-creation between artists, engineers, and inter-disciplinary creators.

Taiwan Sound Lab (TSL, 臺灣聲響實驗室) is an institution that integrates art creation and science, technology, and research. In September 2018, Minister of Culture Cheng Li-Chun visited the Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music (IRCAM) in France. She signed a memorandum of understanding with its director Frank Madlener in which IRCAM would assist with planning and provide its experience in the sound and music fields. The purpose is to promote the development of the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) in the areas of technology, academic research and contemporary creation.

TSL has Taiwan's first immersive sound theater, which contains an impressive 49.4 channel speaker array. By using 3D audio space sound effect technology, the theater has the ability to simulate and restore the entire soundscape environment, and to support experimental works and performances. Additionally, sound engineers are on board to provide technical support, to assist artists to use diverse sound technology techniques, and expand creative possibilities for their various artistic creations.

Since its establishment, TSL has held many music exhibitions and art festivals. C-Lab Sound Arts Festival (C-LAB聲響藝術節) starred a series of exhibitions including "Sound of the Wind (風聽)," "AQUA AR," "Re: A Morning in Taipei (重返臺北之晨)," "Fragments of Extinction (滅絕殘篇)," and "A Song Within Us (Oli邊境)."

TSL is committed to promote and showcase Taiwan music talents to the world stage. Working together with IRCAM, France and Taiwan have carried out many exchanges and cooperation projects to cultivate sound technology and artistic creative talents. Projects include residency exchanges, sending a Taiwan team to France with full subsidies, and attending local performances, in addition to participating in multiple Taiwan-French exchange workshops.

Additionally, TSL will be organizing "Sound-Off: Up-and-Coming Creators Residency Program (聲鬥陣-創作新秀進駐計劃)" in 2020, inviting local and international budding artists for a residency program at TSL. TSL will also begin offering a Master of Music Technology program for Taiwanese music creators to continue to improve themselves and gain more resources.

2020 "Good Vibration! (大好抖實驗日)" festival, helmed by TSL, invited many emerging young sound artists including the bands "Your Woman Sleep With Others (老王樂隊)" and "DSPS," and sound artists Yo Lee (李友廷), Cheng I-lly (鄭伊里), and Hsu Yen-ting (許雁婷) to showcase their works. The festival was comprised of a sound exhibition, outdoor market, and music performances to provide festival-goers an opportunity to explore this rich and diversified sound experiment through their ears.

Currently all music exhibitions and events held by TSL are open to the public and free of charge. Anyone who is interested should go online to make a reservation to participate.