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Ming Hwa Yuan Cultural & Arts Group

  • Publish Date:2016-10-12
Ming Hwa Yuan Cultural & Arts Group

Did You Know That …?

  • Ming Hwa Yuan (明華園) is enjoyed by a wide range of audiences, encompassing differences in age, cultural background, ethnicity, and language. Troupe members are featured in over 200 performances around the globe each year.

  • Their popularity can be partly attributed to the deft adoption of new technologies, including better projection of sound and English subtitles. Stage lighting and design have also elevated Taiwanese opera from its humble roots to a sophisticated form of theater.

  • It recent years, Ming Hwa Yuan has also been appointed as goodwill ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan), performing at National Day celebrations overseas and holding Taiwanese opera workshops for children and young adults.

Read more about the longstanding troupe here or scroll down for videos.

In cooperation with the Amitofo Care Center (阿彌陀佛關懷中心, ACC), Ming Hwa Yuan has held fundraising events for charities in Africa. Leading opera diva Sun Tsui-feng (孫翠鳳) has also led several delegations to teach the art of Taiwanese opera to children in Lesotho, Malawi, South Africa, and Swaziland.

Sun then performed alongside a group of African pupils, who were by then well-versed in the Taiwanese dialect, at the 2010 International Flora Expo in Taipei, raising the profile of both the Taiwanese operatic art form and the ACC-run orphanages across Africa.