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'Meng Xiaodong' by GuoGuang Opera Company

  • Publish Date:2016-05-26
'Meng Xiaodong' by GuoGuang Opera Company

  • Chinese Title: 《百年戲樓》
  • Year of Release: 2010
  • Directed By: Lee Hsiao-pin (李小平)
  • Produced By: GuoGuang Opera Company


"Meng Xiaodong,” the first production in "A Trilogy of Actors (伶人三部曲),” focuses on legendary opera diva Meng Xiaodong and her quest for a voice, crossing paths with the three most important men in her life. It is a Peking opera musical that encompasses elements from traditional Peking opera, musical, and stage play.


Wei Hai-min plays Meng Xiaodong in three different settings — as an actress on stage, as a woman in love, and as a lady deeply buried in her own heart.


The different stages of Meng’s life are also sung in three completely different voices — elder male/Laosheng, female lead/Dan, and contemporary female vocals.