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Composer | Lee Tai-hsiang

  • Publish Date:2015-09-15
Composer | Lee Tai-hsiang

Did You Know That … ?

  • Lee Tai-hsiang was a member of the Amis aboriginal tribe based in Malan Village of Taitung County. In reflection of his heritage, he incorporated many aboriginal elements in his music pieces. He also rewrote Taiwanese folk songs with symphonic techniques, transforming beloved tunes to surging and magnificent concert music.

  • Taiwan's leading dance group, Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, was one of the many beneficiaries of the prolific composer who left behind a rich legacy of over 1,000 music works. Cloud Gate's debut in 1973 was accompanied by Lee's "Revolution (運行),” and choreographer Lin Hwai-min (林懷民) noted that "Lee Tai-hsiang's music nourished Cloud Gate through its early years.”

  • He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1988, but continued in his pursuit of musical creation. He fought the condition for many years, and even undertook deep brain stimulation in 2000 and accepted a pulse-generating implant in his brain.

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1974 – Lee is pictured conducting the Taiwan Provincial Symphony Orchestra.


1975 – Lee is pictured for the album cover of folk song collection "Country (鄉)."


1975 – Manuscript of "Phenomenon (現象)."


1979 – Manuscript of "Three Chapters of Fantasy (幻境三章)."


1979 – The story of Lee's performance at the Vlotho Festival is carried by German newspapers.


1981 – Lee holds up his Golden Horse Award for best original soundtrack for "Mingjiang Fengliu (名劍風流)."


1985 – Lee is pictured in a Nestle commercial.


2014 – Lee (in wheelchair) is named winner of the National Cultural Award alongside renowned director Hou Hsiao-hsien (侯孝賢).