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Opera Artist | Wei Hai-min

  • Publish Date:2015-07-24
Opera Artist | Wei Hai-min

Did You Know That … ?

  • Wei Hai-min has performed in more than one hundred opera shows in her lifetime, and currently holds the lead actress role in two Taiwan-based opera groups - GuoGuang Opera Company (國光劇團) and the Contemporary Legend Theatre (當代傳奇劇場).

  • As a child, she entered the rigorous life of a student trainee under the Hai Kuang Opera Troupe (海光劇團) by choice, so she could help support her family after the mother's desertion.

  • Although she is known as one of the most successful successors to the Mei Lanfang (梅派) school of Peking opera, Wei has since branched out by using her classical training in more avant-garde productions, experimenting with Western roles such as Shakespeare's Macbeth and Virginia Woolf's Orlando.

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An excerpt from"Wang Shi-fong: The Most Scheming Woman in Dreams of the Red Chamber(王熙鳳大鬧寧國府).