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Ten Drum Art Percussion Group

  • Publish Date:2016-04-29
Ten Drum Art Percussion Group

Did You Know That … ?

  • The Chinese character for the number "ten (十)” resembles a pair of crossed drumsticks. It also represents the gathering of energy and power from "ten directions” into a united force.

  • Troupe founder Hsieh Shi (謝十) learned the art of Taoist drums from his father at the age of 3. Ever since, the Kaohsiung native became enthralled with percussion and endeavored to inject fresh vitality to traditional drum music.

  • Troupe members are required to complete physical training on a daily basis. Their routine includes a 5,000-meter jog, a hundred sit ups, and a warm-up practice of 4,000 drum strokes.

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'Wind Rush and Thunder Streak'