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Flying Group Theatre

  • Publish Date:2016-05-25
2004 – 'Alice'

Did You Know That ... ?

  • The troupe's Chinese name, which is pronounced "fei ren (飛人),” means "flying person.” It is also homophone for "not human (非人),” i.e. a puppet. Together, it embodies the idea of artists who have to travel far and wide for performances and pays tribute to one of mankind's earliest performance practices - puppetry.

  • Originally founded as a puppetry group, Flying Group Theatre has gradually diversified by adding new concepts to its performances. During the past few years, it has integrated traditional and contemporary elements in its productions, and presented various performances by collaborating with troupes from Taiwan and other countries.

  • It launched the CLOSE TO YOU International Puppet Festival (超親密小戲節) in 2010, offering small-scale stages located at different corners of Taipei to minimize the traditional distance between audiences and actors. This move allowed the public to enjoy puppet plays at cafés, bookstores, or even salons.

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