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Lacquer Artist | Wang Ching-shuang

  • Publish Date:2015-09-21
Lacquer Artist | Wang Ching-shuang

Did You Know That … ?

  • He exhibited a talent for crafts and a sense of motivation from a young age. He used to collect camphor wood to make spinning tops as a kid.

  • The master of lacquer arts was also trained in the fields of Eastern gouache and sculpture. He also practices judo, tennis, and golf.

  • He also scaled Jade Mountain, Taiwan's highest peak, at the age of 82. The resulting lacquer piece has become of his most-recognized works.

Read more about the artist here or scroll down for pictures.


Wang (right) is pictured alongside his mentor's wife.

Lacquer Artist | Wang Ching-shuang

Wang was born during the period of Japanese rule of Taiwan to a well-off family. One of his earliest memories was on the days-long preparation the entire clan made – from facial threading and tailoring new clothes to borrowing shoes – for a family photoshoot when he was 4 years old.


His mentor, Japanese lacquer master Komo Tozan (河面冬山), was a teacher at the Tokyo Fine Arts school who was recognized as an intangible cultural asset by the Japanese government in 1952.


His most recent works include: 2001 – Ascending Dragon


2002 – Boar Tusk Hat of the Paiwan Tribe


2002 – Daybreak


2003 – Longevity


2008 – Moonlight Beauty


2006 – Yushan (Jade Mountain)


2010 – Landscape of Cao-Xie-Dun