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Painter | Wang Nong

  • Publish Date:2016-01-20
Painter | Wang Nong

Did You Know That ... ?

  • Wang Nong's (王農) artistic career began with Western painting but he later found his personal style via traditional ink painting under the tutelage of noted artist Hsu Bei-hong (徐悲鴻). While both Hsu and Wang were master painters of horses, Hsu depicts the physique of horses with realism while Wang captures the actions and postures in expressive abstraction.

  • Travel experiences from his earlier years also provided Wang with many animal subjects from all over China, from water buffaloes in south China to camels of western deserts.

  • Besides painting, Wang was also an ardent lover of Peking opera. The elements of theater are therefore often found in Wang's paintings, in which faces and gestures of characters are transferred on paper with skillful brushstrokes and pure colors.

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