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Painter | Kuo Hsueh-hu collection I (Taiwan scenery)

  • Publish Date:2016-03-01
Painter | Kuo Hsueh-hu collection I (Taiwan scenery)

Did You Know That … ?

  • Kuo Hsueh-hu (郭雪湖) was first inspired by a watercolor painting demonstration by his third grade teacher Chen Ying-sheng (陳英聲), who encouraged him to develop his drawing skills.

  • His second mentor was Tsai Hsueh-hsi (蔡雪溪), a professional painter who taught Kuo the basics of drawing and calligraphy, and how to frame and mount his paintings.

  • In his later years, Kuo himself established a studio devoted to inspiring children to paint and enhance their appreciation for art. He often took his students to paint outdoors and gave individual feedback and instructions.

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