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Ink Painter | Cheng Shan-hsi

  • Publish Date:2017-05-27
Ink Painter | Cheng Shan-hsi

Did You Know That …?

  • Cheng Shan-hsi studied under a wide group of Eastern- and Western-style painters, including master painters such as Lin Yu-shan (林玉山), Liao Chi-chun (廖繼春), Lee Tze-fan (李澤藩), and Huang Chun-pi (黃君璧).

  • Always eager to explore new methods of expression, he added color to traditional black-and-white ink paintings and even scoured second-hand books offered by roadside vendors to look for ideas in Western magazines and comic books.

  • He came to the realization that the traditional techniques of classic Chinese ink painting should not be limited to revering the so-called literati subjects. He has since chosen to record the everyday life and people of Taiwan using his classically trained craft.

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